Well, we’re back from the hack

We’re back. Not that there has been a lot of action on the site of late. But a few weeks ago some tosser decided to pick on the little guys and hack this site. It’s been fun trying to undo the damage but now, as you can see, we’re back. I’ll try and blog a little more this year.

There is plenty going on in the WEE universe. It’s actually quite difficult to keep up with the ongoing soap opera that is Australian politics!

So we’ll see you soon…

Scientology cured dyslexia: Tom Cruise

Teen Titans Team Up with Dyslexia
Creative Commons License photo credit: Scott M

“I asked myself if I was normal or an idiot. I would try to concentrate but I felt anxiety, frustration, boredom. When I graduated from high school in 1980 I was functionally illiterate,” he said.

via Scientology fixed my dyslexia, says Tom Cruise | Movies | News.com.au.

Found this gem on the news site. Cruise claims that Scientology cured his dyslexia. That may well be the case but there are plenty of other non-Scientology methods for treating dyslexia and WEE suspect Ron L Hubbard may have relied on these.

WEE were more drawn to the opening sentence of the quotation. Perhaps Tom Cruise should be asking himself this question still. His continued and scarily enthusiastic support for the bizarre Scientology cult would place him firmly in the latter grouping.

4 Ingredients – 4,000 heart attacks

Cor blimey. Did anyone get a load of 4 Ingredients on the Lifestyle Channel, which premiered on 11 September 2008. What a stinker!

Everything about this program was awful. From the sub-amateur production values to some of the most appalling food offered up as dinner party fare that WEE have ever seen. My god! It was simply and utterly dreadful. WEE were left quite speechless. Continue reading

God give WEE strength

Yahoo!7 Sunrise – Weekend Sunrise.

Andrew O’Keefe of Weekend Sunrise must surely be one of the worst presenters on television. WEE had the unfortunate experience of listening to him blather on this morning during a live telecast of the pope being flown around over Sydney in a Helicopter.

A more banal commentary you could not have found.

This man, and the giggling female presenters that surround him are a disgrace. Now, don’t take this in the wrong way, WEE is no fan of the pope or the catholic religion, but WEE do believe television presenters covering such things should at least conduct themselves with some dignity, and with some sensitivity to people among their viewers that may be of the catholic faith. Continue reading

West Wing – back on form

WEE have very much been enjoying the election episodes of the West Wing over the last few weeks. WEE have to admit that after the beginning of the second season WEE lost a little bit of interest in the West Wing.

Part of it was to do with the plot and part of it was to do with the fact that the Nine Network kept you up to almost midnight to get a fix of West Wing. WEE are pleased that the series has moved across to the ABC and that you can watch the series ad free and over two episodes per evening. That is all very civilised.

Even better, WEE are finding the episodes surrounding the presidential election most interesting and compelling. The series really does feel back to form and next week’s bombshell of Leo dying should be one not to miss. Continue reading

Constructing Australia – Part 2 Update

Well the story of the building of the longest water pipeline in the world was thankfully Gerard Henderson free this week. In fact there were no obvious blunders on the ‘balance’ front. This only makes last week episode even worse, because it is really obvious why Henderson was there. Because the story involved a Labor Premier.

The state of executives at the ABC is to be condemned, as they are clearly afraid of criticism from Howard and his ilk that they have compromised editorial independence and so now ruin programs with this inane solution to ‘balance’ to protect them from the next barrage of Coalition criticism.

WEE stand by our view that it really is a sad state of affairs and reflects poorly on the ABC and their Australian documentary programming. Perhaps the first episode is better described as “deconstructing Australia”… or at the very least, “deconstructing the ABC”.